“Nicole has a natural, athletic approach to the golf swing which shows you the game doesn’t have to be so difficult.”

- J. M., Chicago, IL

“As a 17 year old that has played golf for 12 years of my life I continue to pursue my dreams of playing golf in college. I started off with Nicole shooting in the high 90’s and now I’m in the mid 80’s. Nicole has been instructing me for about a year, and has made a tremendous impact on my golf game. She has not only helped me work towards perfecting my swing but has also helped me with my course management and the mental part of the game. After my first lesson with Nicole I saw a huge improvement in my swing, I went from a inconsistent slice to a simple draw. She has helped me develop a compact and consistent swing. Nicole gives you simple movements that anyone can do any where. These simple movements have trained my body to do the correct movements during my golf swing. Nicole has personalized all of our lessons by teaching me in a way that will work best for me. She uses the fact that I play other sports to help me work toward a reliable swing and putting stroke. The best thing about Nicole is that she is a role model for me both on and off the golf course.”

- Callie J., Glenwood Springs, CO