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Banded Golf Fitness – Sign in to GOLFit to see this exercises and more like this for your golf stability, mobility, core and more.

Drill for you! Whether you are in a Southern state just starting your golf season, or getting ready to head into Winter, join me in a drill I gave during a lesson on this topic. Grab a pair of alignment sticks and set this up for yourself! Great for winter indoor-work as well!

A Simple Concept to help you Understand Your “Shoulder Turn” and “Swing Plane”

Drill for Footwork! – Check out the preview of this drill to understand how to use the ground properly in your swing! Full instructional video is available when you login.

4 Part Hip Stretch – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced! Simple to Advanced, choose our poison. This stretch will let you feel it whether you take the easier Parts 1 & 2, or attempt to move to the more advanced Parts 3 & 4. All 4 are good for you and good for golf!

Torso Rotation…and then some! Great Exercise for T-Spine Mobility, Upper/Lower Body Separation and Hip Stability! Do this daily for improved function and flexibility on and off the golf course! 10 Reps x 3 sets each side.

Hip Rotation Exercise: Here is a Beginner Version of this hip rotation exercise, that is especially good for external hip rotation, which is needed in the golf swing to create power from the legs and consistent ball striking! Login now to see the intermediate and advanced versions of this workout!

GOLI ACV Gummies – Before your next workout! Don’t forget your @goligummy ! And here’s why – see below for the health benefits it brings to you! Use my code or click the link below to receive your GOLFit GOLI Discount!

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Hip Depth for Posture Maintenance – Chair Drill – Sample

Login Now to watch this 8 min instructional video that can change the way you think of your golf swing! Maintaining Hip Depth is essential in order to maintain your posture and make consistent and powerful strikes! If you can’t do this drill, message me for some custom exercises that will help you do it! Hint: You need to be able to isolate your upper and lower body and have internal and external hip rotation on both legs!

Drills for Understanding “RELEASE” of the clubhead

Login to GOLFit now to check out the short instruction videos on these drills

Side Hill Downhill and Uphill Lies: Do you know how to adjust for these shots? Login now to see the 4 changes you must make to the swing to execute this shot every time!

Mindfulness in Practice – Understanding path and plane and how they influence clubface control. Login now to see this instruction video in its entirety.

Login Now to Learn How Your Biomechanics and Sequence Influence the Swing Arc

Lead Hand and Trail Hand – Some ways to think about your grip and their functions in ways you haven’t before!

GOLFit in 10: GOLFit in 10 is in an effort to get you up and moving and at the same time, work on your golf motions! In less than 10 minutes a day, these short Golf Fitness clips will get you primed for golf season. I recommend doing these exercises everyday…whether you do it as your only workout of the day, or add it onto the beginning or end of another workout! GOLFit in 10, will run for 10 weeks! A new program is posted weekly for you to practice daily and master the motions so it becomes second nature for you. In doing so, you will find your golf swing comes to you with much less effort and more consistency!

Join Now to see all 10 Episodes! This series is enough to get you kick-started on your golf season and keep you in prime shape during season!

Understand Transition – Pressure & Mass Shift

Use this drill to understand how to move your body pressure and mass correctly in the golf swing! Login to GOLFit to see video tutorial in its entirety.

Hip Tilt and Neutral Spine

Do you know how to find a neutral spine at setup? Login now to see a great video and pictures you can follow! Do this every other day to increase your body awareness and ability to do so!

How to Square the Club Properly at Setup

Avoid some common pitfalls that happen when attempting to square the clubface by doing this…

Do you know how to clear your hips properly in the golf swing?

This is something professionals usually do very well and different than most amateurs…but rehearsing proper movement patterns in practice will help you establish unconscious execution on the golf course for more consistent ball striking. Login to your GOLFit account now to watch the instruction piece in its entirety.

Do you understand your swing axis and true “rotation” and what it looks like?

Connection: How and Why to create it in your swing

What Can Your Squat Tell You About Your Golf Swing?

Squat evaluation on the @boditraksports gives me a chance to see where my athletes have room for improvement, both in their training and in their golf swings. 

Force and pressure data gives me information on asymmetry and weaknesses and instability that is NOT visible to my eye or on video. @boditraksports helps me be a better coach!

Do you know how your squat helps identify your strengths and weaknesses on and off the golf course? If you haven’t already had me do a squat and a fitness evaluation on you for your customized online coaching plans, make sure you message me to find out how we can start!?!? 

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Lead Leg Force – Eliminating Early Extension – Increasing Speed

Do you understand how target leg dynamic vertical force/pressure decreases early extension and can also increase speed? 

Eliminating early extension has less to do with trying to “stay down” and more to do with how you utilize the ground to create energy. If you don’t understand these principles, you will not have a correct understanding and intention of what you should be trying to do in your golf swing.

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Thank you @boditraksports and @golfdigest for some cool photos to help illustrate this!

Drive, Chip & Putt

Dating myself here a bit, but, before there was the Drive, Chip and Putt as we see it today at the @themasters there was Drive, Pitch and Putt…from a few local eliminations to regionals to a state championship…I competed in them all and made it to the State Champs…I was the Colorado State Champ Girls 11-12 Division 🥇and repeat Champ the following year in the 13-14 Girls Division 🥇.

Memorable days for me! The State Championship was held at the PGA Tour event The International @ccatcastlepines. My mom traveled with me & waited with me throughout the day until competition started and it was my turn and tried to keep me laughing and loose…I would just look at her like, 🙄 be serious mom, I’m trying to focus! 🤣😂 I’m slightly type A to say the least and I’m sure I could have taken a few more deep breaths at the time😆, but didn’t know how to back then…just knew how to focus and work hard and be “mentally tough” as my dad would say! ☺️

My first shot, a 50 yd pitch shot to a circle on a green around a pin. ⛳️Gallery, cameras and a 12 year old kid who hadn’t been on a bigger stage yet…I was shaking so bad I almost puked 🤮but remember looking at the target and trying to visualize the ball in flight …It felt good when it took off and when I looked up I saw it in flight and thought, it’s a good one…then it hit the flagstick!!!!!! It came down a few inches from the cup and I felt a warm smile come to heart ❤️ and a small one to my lips …I heard the crowd cheer and I finally took a breath and I breathed a sigh of relief! 😄😆 From there, the fun and excitement of competing and hearing the crowds set in and I just let things happen. Once all the age groups where completed I was awarded a trophy in front of everyone from former Tour Pro, Andy Bean. 🏆

It’s awesome to see how the game has grown and to see all these amazing kids out there giving it their all 💯🙌🏼

I will forever remember the hours in my bare feet👣 practicing my putting on the green behind the house with my dog Prince sitting by my side and picking my own golf balls I hit at the swing-set poles my dad had taken apart and then set up for us kids in the field across the street to practice hitting shots at (we had to push mow the field because the weeds and stickers were taller then me!) Everyday trying to hit that ball out there past the 225 yd pole and showing my dad when he pulled in from work how far I could hit it…Tons of hours of practice that taught me more in my life than I could have ever known at the time. These kids too will have a lifetime of memories from this game and we celebrate with them at such a special event today! Congrats to all of them for their hard work, tears and disappointments, laughter and accomplishments and their pursuit to do what is in their hearts! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

An amazing game that brings people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds together to enjoy a few hours for a walk in a breathtaking park chasing a little white ball. It brings smiles and beautiful memories to every walk of life and I am forever grateful for the time and energy my parents gave to me to get me started and drive me around from place to place for tournaments and practice and support me throughout. Thanks to my brothers for a healthy bit of competition everyday and sibling rivalries that taught us how to compete, lose, win, get knocked-down, get up and work hard for things we wanted to accomplish…you pushed me and I thank you for that. Special thank you to my dad who spent countless hours teaching me how to golf and to God for giving me such an amazing family and a lifetime of love and opportunities. ☺️Thank you Daddy! Your lessons of love, life and golf are in my heart everyday and Masters week will forever be a special week for our family because of you and your love for the game and this tournament. Will never forget Masters Sundays in the living room cheering on our favorites with you!

Pictured: my first driver! It was made of wood and painted red! And good memories with my family!


Balance, Strength, Sequencing, Awareness and Compound Functional Motions needed in the golf swing. Login to follow Nicole through this workout!

Natural Athletic Sequence and Energy from the Ground – sign up for GOLFit and learn how to create power and energy efficiently for your golf swing!


Great Core Workout – especially for golf – balance, strength, stability, upper/lower body separation, body awareness, core control – 4 exercises for 4 rounds! Feel your core burn!!!!! Login to see core workout in it’s entirety.

Hip Mobility and Standing Core with Bands – Login in to see video in its entirety. Great for active recovery or low impact day. Functional Balance, core and hips.

GOLFit with Nicole Cavarra is featured in Experience Scottsdale Article
Recently Nicole was among a hand-select of professionals who specialize in Golf Fitness in the Scottsdale area. Nicole will be at the Boulders beginning in January for 6-8 weeks this winter. Contact Nicole to book your golf and /or fitness sessions in person!
Experience Scottsdale Online Magazine

Easy to Follow New 2019 Rules Video
I will have to wrap my head around some of these after playing golf for over 37 years, some of these will seem so WEIRD! This is a great video that sums it up though – hope it helps! Make sure you click “skip this ad” to get to the video.
Easy to Follow New 2019 Rules Video

1-Leg Balance and Rotational Shoulder Plane Exercise
Great for warmup before play OR add it to your gym routine to help with functional balance, flexibility and understanding of shoulder plane and posture maintenance. Login to see video instruction in its entirety.

Total Body Workout – choice – ten to 30 minutes
Beginner and/or short on time – do 1 round in only 10 minutes! Advanced and/or have more time today? – Challenge yourself to 3 rounds in 30 minutes!

Have you seen the On Point ball marker? It’s more than a ball marker, it will help your eye and your brain engage with the target line – check it out! It helps you create an “intention” before you go into motion….a key that all great players do automatically. This will help you create a routine that will lead to more confidence and more made putts.
On Point Video
Get yours today at On Point Golf

Lower body sequencing, connection and spine angle – login to GOLFit to see the instructional videos on this topic.

Happy National Dog Day from this PXG Trooper!

Arms Working in the Golf Swing: Do you understand what the trail arm and lead arm are supposed to do and when in the golf swing? This video is a simplistic idea you can work with in your swing immediately on the range and course!

Stretching for the week: add these to the stretching regimen we started! At least 3 times a week and hold for at least 45 seconds. These simple stretches will improve your body’s ability to move correctly in life AND in the golf swing. Lack of mobility and strength or function, especially in your hips/psoas, will limit your ability to move properly and cause you to make incorrect compensations in your golf swing. If you have a busy lifestyle and can’t make it to the practice range everyday, you can still make a difference in your golf game by working on your body and your Golf Fitness!
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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and Sunday May, 27th is National Sunscreen Day!

I love being outdoors and my job requires me to be outside all day almost everyday….I want to introduce you to a product that I LOVE! And, it’s helping me stay protected while I am outdoors. It is light, fresh, moisturizing and has natural and organic ingredients. It is something I can re-apply when I am on the golf course on face, body, lips and scalp because there are also spray versions of the products so they don’t leave me and my clubs greasy – ick! Part of being fit means finding ways to exercise and move doing things that you enjoy – for me that is being outside doing activities and enjoying sports and recreation. With my 2017 skin cancer issues I have been alarmed being outdoors as much as I am, COOLA is a huge blessing to me because it’s a product I use multiply times a day and I know it is helping my skin when I apply it.

COOLA Suncare offers eco-conscious formulas sourced with a Farm to Face® philosophy, ensuring that they always use the freshest, most potent natural and organic ingredients. We incorporate antioxidant-rich Plant Protection® into their sunscreens, which is a selection of plant-based ingredients including Algae and Red Raspberry Seed Oil that help naturally boost the formulas’ efficacy. This allows them to use fewer traditional—and potentially irritating—sunscreen actives. They also weed out all the stuff you don’t want on your skin or in the environment, like parabens, GMOs, and oxybenzone.

If you have an interest in learning more or ordering this product from me, let me know! Thank you COOLA Suncare!

Do You Know How to Find a Proper Grip for YOU and YOUR body?

We have talked about it before, but, everyday I am on the range I see how much improper setup fundamentals, especially posture and grip, cause major swing faults and compensations. So, we will spend the next few posts covering different aspects of the grip and grip pressure. Tune in – even if you have played golf for a long time, you may have an issue that has inadvertently and unknowingly crept into your swing. There are 4 videos in this series, so make sure you tune in and check all of them out over the next few weeks. You may just find out something new OR find a new way of thinking about something you had never thought of before. To see all 4 videos and instruction on each, join GOLFit and login to the Membership Page.

Hamstring Workout: Why do golfers need to have strong hamstrings? The hamstrings work to stabilize your hips and keep the spine aligned and keep you in a good posture position. They also help you move workload and explosive power up the legs from the ground and into the hips. Also, whether you are a golfer or not, weak hamstrings cause unnecessary stress on the lower back as the lower back tries to stabilize the core….so we can eliminate a lot of lower back stress and pain by having strong hamstrings! Ladies, strong hamstrings also make your legs look and feel strong, but give your thighs a beautiful and balanced shape!

Trail Running: One of the best ways to spend a few moments alone

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More stretching! Because being flexible is such an essential part of body awareness and allows the body to function at optimum strength, you will want to add these to your golf stretching regimen…increase your ability to make consistent and repeatable golf motions! Check out our previous post for more stretching below.

Calf and ankle stretch:
Come down into a low squat position….keep your heels on the ground. Hold the position, allowing the weight of your body to press against your calves. Rock your weight from your heels to the balls of your feet. Do this for 60 seconds. Rest and repeat.
Hip/Psoas, Back and Quad:
Come down onto knees and drop one foot back, straightening it until top of foot rest on the ground behind you. Bend the front leg at the knee and turn the foot down and in underneath you. Lean torso forward over the bent knee and hold stretch for one minute. For added activation, press the back foot against the ground and lift the back knee and thigh off of the ground. Release and repeat on the opposite side.
Runner’s Lunge with Rotation:
This is a full body stretch (great for golfers and all athletes) that will get your torso, shoulders, hips, glutes, calves and quads! Come into a lunge position and place both hands on the ground in front of you. Raise the arm on the side of the body that the leg is forward. Leave the hand from the leg that is back on the ground, on the ground for balance. Reach as high as you can with the arm that is raised and allow the torso to rotate, look up to your raised hand. Hold this stretch for 30-60 seconds. Release and repeat on the other side.

Login to your Membership to see instruction on how to let your biomechanics lead you into the proper squaring of your shoulders at setup!

Using Boditrak Sports to help clients understand how to properly load the posterior chain and the direct relation it has on improving their body and club position so they can maximize their ball striking! Better biomechanics = better swing mechanics!Login to your Membership Page to learn more! Or contact Nicole to schedule your lesson on the Boditrak! #boditrak #boditraksports #biomechanics #golffitness #golfitnessspecialist #bodyawareness #mindfulness #getfitandbegolfit #golfinstruction #golflife #⛳️ #coach #lpgateachers #womensgolfcom


GOLF STRETCHES – that are good for your overall health too! Adding to our post earlier this week about hip/psoas flexibility….here are some new stretches to add to the mix and stretch some other areas as well!

Hip/Psoas Mobility
These stretches are simple and effective stretches than can improve your body’s ability to move correctly in the golf swing. Lack of mobility and strength and function in these areas will cause you to make compensations to your golf motions.

(Thank you Washington.edu for the photo)
What is your psoas?
Two long muscles on each side of the spine. Each begins in the lower part of the spine and runs down to the iliacus (another muscle in the hips) and then attaches to the thigh bone (femur). They are the only muscles that connect your spine to your legs (upper body to lower body). The psoas muscles help you stabilize your hips, keep your pelvis aligned and therefore supports the spine. It supports your abdomen and can influence your breathing.
So, not only is it important for mobility in golf and fitness, but for overall health and strength. Our lifestyles play havoc on this area of the body, where the typical work day people go from sitting in a car, to sitting in an office, sitting in the car again…the cycle goes on and on. It is important to take time every week in bringing your body back to a balanced state. If you do not, tight psoas muscles can be very painful and set-off a series of other compensations in your hips, core and lower back. Psoas health is a necessity!

Follow these stretches as a simple solution you can do in a few minutes every week. I am sure if you do these at least 3 times a week, you will notice a difference in how your body feels and functions, especially on the golf course and everyday life!

Downward Dog: Hip, back shoulder, calf/ankle flexibility
From a hand plank or pushup position, push the rear end back and to the sky as you push the heels into the ground….create as much force into the ground with your feet as possible. At the same time, press your hands into the ground as much as you can. You will be pushing your rear-end to the sky and creating as much force as possible against the earth through the hands and the feet. Hold for 30-60 seconds while you continue to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Rest and repeat x 3.

Hip/Adductor and Glute Reverse Plank
Lay on your back and open the arms so your palms are to the sky. Bring the bottoms of your feet together so they are touching and open your knees to the outside. Raise your hips off the ground and pull your core tight, feeling like you are pulling your belly button into your back. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Rest and repeat x3.
Seated Figure 4 Position: Glutes, Piriformis and hips
Sit on the ground and extend the torso and head as tall and neutral as possible in the spine. Keeping chest tall, extend left leg and pull the right ankle in as you bend the right leg. Using your hands, pull the right leg across the left thigh as close to your torso as possible. Hold for 30 seconds. From here, bend the left leg and lay the right ankle across the left knee, lean back on the hands and keep chin up and spine neutral…the more you bend the left knee, the more stretch you get in your glutes, hip, piriformis and hips. Hold for 60 seconds. Repeat both positions on the opposite side.

Iliacus/quad/psoas/oblique stretch

  1. Using a chair or step behind you, place left toe behind you on chair and stand on right leg. Hold 30 seconds. Breathe through nose and exhale through mouth. Use deep belly breaths.
  2. Extend left arm up and reach as high as you can to ceiling. Hold stretch and breathe for 30 seconds. Rest.
  3. Reach up again, now lean and reach across your head to the right. Breathe and hold stretch for 30 seconds.
  4. Repeat on other side: standing on left leg, right leg up and reach with right arm. Do a,b,c on both legs x 3.

*** This stretch can be modified for a deeper stretch by taking it to the ground and getting into a runners lunge position as shown in the picture on the right. Rather than standing you will lunge into the front leg and allow the ground to open up the rear leg and hip flexor.

Hips/Psoas/Shoulders/Pecs Mobility
Lay on back and pull knees to chest and hold for 30 seconds….rock side to side if you want to help massage the spine. From here, Kick out the left foot and keep the right knee bent and pull it across the body so it’s laying over the out-stretched leg. Lay the right hand as far back to the right as you can, palm facing the sky. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Increasing the stretch by using the left hand to pull the right knee as close to the ground as possible. Go back to start Repeat x 3 on each side.
Seated Hip Flexor and Psoas Stretch – Upper and lower body separation
Sit on floor and knees in and feet flat. Good neutral posture with spine. Allow both hips and knees to drop to the right, getting knees to touch the floor or as close as you can to doing so without changing posture or twisting the torso….the torso should face forward while the hips and legs are moving. Switch directions and push knees back to the top and allow them to drop to the other side. Repeat x 20 each side.

Core Workout you can do in  less than 10 minutes

Do you know how to create lag in your golf swing? Use your proper biomechanics to help you create the infamous “lag” you have been searching for. Login to GOLFit to see video instruction on this topic.

Step and Swoosh – Increase your awareness of sequencing in your swing & learn how to work from the ground…how to create “lag”

STEP AND SWOOSH Increase your awareness of sequencing in your swing & learn how to work from the ground…how to create “lag” Check out the “lag” and power I am creating here!!! Creating “lag” is probably one of the least understood golf mechanics that my clients have…login to GOLFit to see how to perform this… Continue Reading →

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Ta Da Da Da!!!!! You did it!

Ta Da Da Da!!!!! You did it! You just completed the GOLFit 100 Day Challenge! January 1, 2018 = Day #100 Happy New Year and Happy New You! You are strong, fit, healthy and capable of much more than you think you are! I am proud of you…be proud of yourself. Now that the challenge… Continue Reading →

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Winter Hydration with Pure Trim

Brrr!  Baby it’s cold outside! Believe it or not, winter is a time where it is very easy to become dehydrated. Cooler temperatures cause us to sense “thirst” less easily than when we are out in the sun and it is hot. Also, when you bundle up in layers, although the temperature outside your body… Continue Reading →

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from GOLFit!! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope that wherever life may find you, may the joy of this season bring happiness and love to all of you and your families. I hope that you have time to feel God’s love around you…in… Continue Reading →

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New USGA Rules of Golf

A working group led by the USGA and The R&A has unanimously agreed to adopt a new set of protocols for video review when applying the Rules of Golf. The group, consisting of the PGA Tour, LPGA, PGA European Tour, Ladies European Tour and The PGA of America, as well as the governing bodies, will… Continue Reading →

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