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Do you cast the club early? Understanding shaft load and unload will help you correct this common mistake. Login now to watch this video to understand the kinematics of the golf club and the load and unload of the shaft. Understanding this concept helps you keep shaft lean at impact and avoids early release or casting of the club.

Stretching for the week

Add these to the stretching regimen we started! At least 3 times a week and hold for at least 45 seconds. These simple stretches will improve your body’s ability to move correctly in life AND in the golf swing. Lack of mobility and strength or function, especially in your hips/psoas, will limit your ability to… Continue Reading →

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Hamstring Workout

Why do golfers need to have strong hamstrings? The hamstrings work to stabilize your hips and keep the spine aligned and keep you in a good posture position. They also help you move workload and explosive power up the legs from the ground and into the hips. Also, whether you are a golfer or not,… Continue Reading →

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Trail Running

One of the best ways to spend a few moments alone #aztrailrunning #trailrunning #whengoingupisfasterthancomingdown #fitforhisreason #blackmountain #runningmotivation

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