About GOLFit

Be a better you – on and off the golf course!

Golf is an athletic game, and so is the golf swing. The golf swing is the same simple motions and sequence of events you have learned to perform all your life. Such as the motions involved in throwing a ball, swinging a baseball or softball bat, executing a forehand in tennis, and even lifting your children off the ground.. A golf swing is a physical and athletic motion, played in a position, known as posture, that allows us to get to the ball.

When your body moves correctly in your swing, it makes it easier and more consistent for you to create a proper club path, plane, face angle and angle of attack. You will also generate more power and distance because you are moving more efficiently and creating more leverage and centrifugal force, which will increase clubhead speed and therefore, increase distance and consistency!

We all come to the game with different backgrounds, abilities, injuries, body potential and ideas by which we intend to swing the club. Golf mechanics alone can only teach you just that, the swing mechanics. The swing mechanics we have all been learning and practicing for hundreds of years hold true and these principles need to be maximized in the swing in order for one to reach their fullest potential. The easiest way to find success and consistency with these principles is by playing this game as athletically and naturally as possible. Allowing the body and mind to do what they already know how to do and how to move. Creating the proper athletic and natural motions with your body is what GOLFit is here to teach you to do!

Health and fitness are two of the most important ways you can add balance to your life and help you feel and perform your best. That is why they are also an integral part of what we do here at GOLFit. When you look and feel your best, you will perform your best.

I hope you will join us on the journey to reaching your golf and fitness goals and to have some fun while doing so! I am blessed to have you join our online community at NICOLE CAVARRA GOLFit.

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