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Do you cast the club early? Understanding shaft load and unload will help you correct this common mistake. Login now to watch this video to understand the kinematics of the golf club and the load and unload of the shaft. Understanding this concept helps you keep shaft lean at impact and avoids early release or casting of the club.

Body Control Exercise for Golf

Great proprioceptive exercise drill that helps you understand proper muscle sequencing and timing of your axes and spine angle – specifically through impact, release and finish. Not to mention, a killer workout for the obliques! Reps x10 on good side. Then Repeat on your goofy side. x 4 Rounds

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Drill for you!

Whether you are in a Southern state just starting your golf season, or getting ready to head into Winter, join me in a drill I gave during a lesson on this topic. Grab a pair of alignment sticks and set this up for yourself! Great for winter indoor-work as well!

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Hip Rotation Exercise

Here is a Beginner Version of this hip rotation exercise, that is especially good for external hip rotation, which is needed in the golf swing to create power from the legs and consistent ball striking! Login now to see the intermediate and advanced versions of this workout!

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GOLI ACV Gummies

Before your next workout! Don’t forget your @goligummy ! And here’s why – see below for the health benefits it brings to you! Use my code or click the link below to receive your GOLFit GOLI Discount! PROMO CODE: nicolecavarra PROMO LINK: https://go.goli.com/nicolecavarra

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