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GOLFit Membership Includes:


  • Members will receive their own personalized “training space.” This training space is where Nicole will design individual and customized online accessible training plans for golf, fitness or both. Individually customized plans will vary in price based on frequency, duration, and individuals’ requests, goals and needs.
  • Weekly Video Clips: may include golf instruction concepts, golf drills, mental concepts, practice ideas and more. These videos will also contain Golf Fitness exercises and videos for balance, flexibility, functional motion, core fitness, balance and stability.
  • Weekly Fitness Plan with Example Workout Videos! These fitness programs will be designed for the entire body. Exercise plans will include upper body, lower body, core, flexibility and balance – designed to get your body toned, strong and flexible…will also get your heart pumping so you can burn fat and calories! Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner exercise modes will be discussed – so everyone can enjoy working out with the GOLFit Fitness Program!
  • Access to Nicole: Ask Nicole questions directly and join the GOLFit Members Only Community page where Members can interact with Nicole and other Members.
  • Access to Nicole’s archive of videos, drills, exercises and techniques for both Golf and Fitness.
  • OR – contact Nicole now and schedule an in-person private golf lesson or personal fitness session or both, at her Colorado or Arizona teaching locations.
  • OR – you can follow our Blog and Video page and access complimentary tips and information for nutrition, healthy alternatives, meal planning, fitness, and golf fitness.