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Do you cast the club early? Understanding shaft load and unload will help you correct this common mistake. Login now to watch this video to understand the kinematics of the golf club and the load and unload of the shaft. Understanding this concept helps you keep shaft lean at impact and avoids early release or casting of the club.

Drive, Chip & Putt

Dating myself here a bit, but, before there was the Drive, Chip and Putt as we see it today at the @themasters there was Drive, Pitch and Putt…from a few local eliminations to regionals to a state championship…I competed in them all and made it to the State Champs…I was the Colorado State Champ Girls… Continue Reading →

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Great Core Workout – especially for golf – balance, strength, stability, upper/lower body separation, body awareness, core control – 4 exercises for 4 rounds! Feel your core burn!!!!! Login to see core workout in it’s entirety.

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Easy to Follow New 2019 Rules Video

I will have to wrap my head around some of these after playing golf for over 37 years, some of these will seem so WEIRD! This is a great video that sums it up though – hope it helps! Make sure you click “skip this ad” to get to the video.

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